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Charleston Decorative Concrete Contracto


Most homeowners living in Charleston, Summerville, Mount Pleasant, West Ashley, and surrounding areas have gray concrete patio spaces, floors, or driveways that tend to look worn and dull over time. Unfortunately, upgrading to natural stone, marble, travertine, and other popular materials can get very expensive. Besides, many of these premium building materials don't stand up to damage or the elements nearly as well as concrete.

When you hire Concrete Charleston as your preferred stamped concrete contractor, it also means having access to decorative concrete services. Enjoy an updated stamped concrete patio, custom surface colors and dyes, and other upgraded service options.

Not all concrete companies provide decorative solutions, and it takes experience to get your installation perfect on the first try. Instead, choose the stamped concrete contractors Charleston, Summerville, Mount Pleasant, and West Ashley residents who have trusted with over 20 years of experience and enhance your outdoor areas today.

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Stamped Concrete Installation is a service provided by Concrete Charleston in the Concrete Flatwork category. Installing stamped concrete has multiple steps and requires a highly skilled concrete installer to complete it perfectly. When customers choose to install a decorative concrete patio, they have many different choices and selections to choose from. A few of the options for installing a stamped concrete surface include:

  • Concrete Form Patterns

  • Base Color Selection

  • Release Color Selection

  • Accent Color Sealants

  • Single Color Versus Multiple 

We can discuss cement stamps, stamp tools, pattern and color, color options, control joint placement, release agents, options for colored concrete versus applied coloring in our consultations. As high-quality stamped concrete contractors, we will make recommendations and help our clients make the best decisions for them. We provide an extensive selection of imprinted concrete choices to our clients. Usually, the categories for stamps include:

  • Brick Pattern Stamps

  • Stone Pattern Stamps

  • Textured Stamps

  • Wood Stamps

  • Slate Stamp


Stamped concrete driveways provide homeowners the option to craft patterns in their driveway to imitate popular stone and brick materials economically. The stunning designs and colors you can build with stamped concrete will give your driveway a high-end appearance and quality without costing a fortune.

Concrete is a versatile substance that lets you customize with stamped patterns, shapes, and colors to make a durable driveway that appears expensive and increases the value of your home. One popular style in Charleston is decorative driveway aprons, bands, and borders generated with stamped patterns, accent stones, or bricks installed in the section of the driveway next to the curb.


Concrete walkways and sidewalks are a fantastic way to improve curb appeal to your home while offering an easy way to walk from your driveway to the front door. While gray concrete is the most common surface choice for walkways, stamped concrete options provide a reasonable way to dress it up with different patterns, borders, and pigments. You can see stamped concrete walkways and decorative sidewalks throughout the Charleston Lowcountry, and this is one of the requests we most often receive from our customers regarding their landscape design!


Stamped concrete patios are a terrific way to spread your living space to the outdoors, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful Charleston weather! Stamped concrete patios offer Charleston homeowners the ability to select from many decorative possibilities because the concrete can be poured in various shapes, sizes, and patterns.

To give it that truly unique touch, try including a decorative border to your patio in contrasting stones or patterns. Our skilled professionals at Concrete Charleston are happy to help design your patio and go through pigment and pattern decisions to transform your Charleston area home into a genuine outside oasis.


We have many stamped concrete patterns to choose from. Each pattern is fully customizable with a variety of design possibilities. Once you've chosen a pattern, you can now focus on your vision for the final product. If you are ordering basic stamped concrete, you can choose from five basic pattern types: brick, stone, slate, wood, and texture.  You could also consider complementing the existing hardscape or interior decor rather than looking to match.


Concrete Charleston is a premier Charleston concrete company with 20 years of experience. We are well known for our expertise in concrete, including decorative concrete. When it comes to stamped concrete, our staff are fully aware of all the latest trends in the industry and can give you precisely what you need.


If you’re looking for the best stamped concrete in the Charleston area, give us a call or fill out our contact form to discuss your stamped concrete project.