Concrete is Concrete, Right? Think Again.

Not all asphalt driveway surfaces are created equal. While an asphalt driveway is less expensive to install and will last longer than a concrete driveway, it does not perform well in the long term due to its limited subbase options. Choosing a more durable, long-lasting surface like concrete can help you avoid maintenance headaches well into the future.

Concrete is:

✔️Low maintenance


✔️Aesthetically pleasing


Concrete. No Need to Reseal

While the initial price may sway homeowner choices, concrete is far more stable than asphalt. It will not crack or fail if it is not resealed. With asphalt, a sealant must be applied every three to five years to ensure its 20-year lifespan. If it is left unsealed for six months after it's installed, you must seal it again.

Concrete is an excellent alternative to asphalt. It does not require sealing, but it can be if desired. Concrete can last for 40 years or more when properly maintained.

TIP: Regular pressure washing to prevent stains on driveways is one of the best ways to maintain the driveway's integrity.

The Right Foundation is Everything

The maximum load-bearing capacity of a concrete slab depends on many factors, including the thickness of the slab and its ability to resist cracking and other damage during installation. For an average installation, a 4" base is recommended. However, for every additional inch of depth, the capacity will increase by 50%.

Asphalt, which is comprised of organic and inorganic compounds of sand, clay, aggregate (rock), and water, varies in its mineral composition. Certain types of vehicles may create more wear on the material than others. You may notice that large areas of the driveway appear to be thinner because it is being pressed up against by a heavy vehicle.

Homeowners Can Increase Their Curb Appeal And Resale Value With Concrete

A study by Michigan State University found that curb appeal is one of the essential factors in determining the value of a home. Concrete is a more durable and attractive material for the exterior of your home, and it allows for beautiful and crisp finished edging and color variations. Beyond color choices and variation, you can customize concrete with an assortment of designs, patterns, and colors.

Concrete Provides Flexibility and Design Freedom

Concrete is a versatile material that can mimic other materials. This unique property allows homeowners to create designs that are not possible with asphalt concrete. However, there are several options available when it comes to concrete colors and textures.

Do you want your cement to look like another material? Concrete stamping is an excellent way for homeowners to enjoy the durability and longevity of concrete while creating a different look. The various stamping styles allow people to make their driveways look like brick, wood, stone, and many other materials or designs.

Your Neighborhood Concrete Experts.

As the Charleston area experts on concrete, we know how to help homeowners choose the right product for their needs. A concrete driveway is a durable, low-maintenance option that adds to the curb appeal of your home.

If you want a material that can last up to 40 years, requires less work, and offers several design advantages — while maintaining its structural integrity and beauty — then concrete is the choice for you.

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